BFJ Group mortgage investment fund is a pool of capital that is invested in short-term mortgages. Our mortgages are exclusively on commercial or single and multi-residential properties, located in and around major economic centers.

Our funds have become increasingly popular with investors by providing:

Predictable Income 

We distribute income quarterly, which you can reinvest to earn compounded returns.

Low Volatility

Our mortgages are short term in nature (typically 6 to 18 months), which acts as a hedge against interest-rate risk and real estate market conditions.


Unlike a bond or a bond fund, our mortgage investment funds are secured by real property. We diversify our portfolios across several markets, by different types of mortgages and properties.

Mortgage and real estate related investments are becoming increasingly popular with investors seeking alternatives to traditional equity and fixed-income products.

We can align your objectives with a range of investments that provide:

Equity Lending

Construction Mortgages

Access to Commercial Mortgages Markets

Our mortgage investments provide greater portfolio diversification with higher returns and less correlation to stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Additionally there is less volatility than equities and more security than bonds with stable and reliable income.

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